Outfits by the Hour

Thanksgiving is definitely all about the food, but as most girls do, I also think about what I'll be wearing for this very important holiday. Oldest sis Claire, her boyfriend, and I are running our first Turkey Trot. We are trying to start the day off on the right foot by squeezing in a little festive workout! This means layers of warm running clothes for a chilly early morning run. 
After changing out of my running gear it's time for the main event, the feast. Printed wool shorts, tights, booties and an oversized sweater are packed in my bag to take home for the holiday.  
Lastly, it's post-feast/pie and wine on the couch time. The mass amount of creamed corn, dressing and sweet potatoes that will be consumed means one thing, stretchy pants. I usually go for a sampler of all the pies we have so comfy clothes that allow room for a food baby are a must as the last outfit of the night. 
Turkey Trot: The North Face down vest/Nike thermal running tights/Nike Frees 4.0 running shoes
Feast: Zara turtleneck sweater/Zara printed shorts/Dolce Vita booties
Lounge: Zara hooded poncho/H&M jogging pants