Bites of My Life

My week was looking at two tests and days full of studying, when BAM, my allergies slapped me in the face. It got so bad I had to excuse myself from the local coffee shop to escape the disgust I was probably causing everyone with my pile of snot rags and the sneezes every minute. After that, I decided to say goodbye to my chances at focusing on studying. Probably not the most responsible thing to do, but no worries the tests ended up great!
A healthy dose of Zyrtec and a home cooked meal from mom healed me right up! I was then able to enjoy the rest of the week filled with birthday celebrations, Halloween, and day 1 of wedding dress shopping for Kathleen!
-Homemade Ramen. *pats back* Used How Sweet It Is' recipe.
-My current Blogging For Books shipment, A Beautiful Mess' Happy Homemade Home. Lot's of retro home decor ideas that unfortunately didn't strike my fancy. I'm a huge Beautiful Mess fan but their book didn't excite me as much as I'd hope. 
-So I've mentioned the hot tea kick I'm on, but now I'm welcoming homemade tea latte's into my life. The perfect cure when allergies hit you in the face mid-afternoon. Try Kylie's recipe from Yeah...Immaeatthat, one of the blog's I featured last week. 
-A spur of the moment trip home treated me right with a family favorite for dinner and cinnamon apples for dessert. 
-A stunning view from the 20th floor at The George restaurant for mom's birthday dinner!
-Just the start of an incredible meal. To follow was the bacon tart, beet salad and seasonal salmon. Read more about my meal here
-Leftover salmon from mom's birthday dinner was the star of this fall salad. Seasoned pumpkin seeds helped too!
-Played the part of MOH for our tacky bridesmaid Halloween look.
-Bowl 1 of 3 amazing chili's from VI Brand's Carne Diem Chili Cook-Off downtown! Yummy warm lunch with daddy on a chili day.
-Spent actual Halloween in, cozying up with my gal pals, candy, queso and homemade pumpkin bread!
-Made cutie wedding dress sugar cookies for Kat on our first day of dress shopping.
-Pumpkin breakfast quinoa spiced up with dried figs, granola and a splash of soy!
p.s. If you didn't see,  I've started a new album on my Facebook page where I'm sharing all of your take a bite pictures! If you ever try one of my recipes, DIYs or just eat something "bite" worth, use the hashtag #takeabite for me to see it!