On Trend

Yesterday, Lauren Conrad posted to Facebook how to take runway trends to reality. She lists the trends in clothes, accessories and make-up that were seen on the runway. Her trends were on point and I'm all over them. 

For Fall 2014, we are seeing faux fur, 60s inspired dresses, knits, western hats, hard shell clutches, top-rimmed sunglasses, stylish sneakers, mod booties and fancy loafers.
Below is a round-up of my favorite fall trend pieces. I like to by my "trendy" clothes at a low price because we all know in a year they won't be cool anymore. For trendy but cheap, I turn to Zara, Missguided, H&M, and Forever 21

Do you have a favorite fall trend this season? I'm adopting the hat, knits and sneakers trend into my wardrobe.