Witty & Delightful

Target has been rolling out an amazing collab this year. They partnered with some of their favorite pinners to create Pinterest party worthy products, and I am so on board. 
They first caught my attention when they partnered with Joy Cho of Oh Joy! She has continued to design whimsical party goods since her initial collection last spring. They also did work with Jan Halvarson of Poppytalk, and most recently released their witty & delightful collection with the wonderful Kate Arends from Wit & Delight.

Pictured above is the wonderful Kate. I had never read her blog until my sister helped me catch wind of her Target collection. I instantly found myself completely distracted in my capstone class and completely enthralled in her blog

These are a few snapshots from the rustic and whimsical launch party Kate threw for the September 14th launch of her collection. The Minneapolis based blogger filled this studio space with good food, better people and her great products as the focal point. I wish I could have been invited to the party so I could eat the luscious cheese board in front of Kate. 

Kate's collection is perfectly described by using the title of her blog, it is witty and delightful. She uses black, white and gold to create party goods and barware. My favorite pieces include the Oh Beer! bottle opener and her funny phrase pencils (click the link to see all the phrases enlarged). The "beerly beloved" one really gets me. Below are more of my favorites! 

Kate and Joy's party products are available on Target.com. Jan's Poppytalk products are sold out, but you can see all three of the pinner's collections on Target's Pinterest page. I'm now brainstorming different party ideas so that I have a reason to buy all of their goodies! 

I must say, everything is so well priced and so darn cute I'm just going to have to buy it all. This always seems to happen...darn it, Target strikes again.