Bites of My Life

Today is my 70th bites post! I love sitting down every Sunday to compile pictures from the week and reminisce on how the previous days went. 
A year ago today, my bites post was a little empty. It's so interesting to look back just year ago and see how different, yet how similar things still are. A year ago I was posting about the return of one of my favorite TV shows, a pumpkin recipe and inspiration for my future room. A year later, my favorite TV show (now Scandal instead of Nashville) returned again, I'm still putting pumpkin recipes to use and I'm now nestled in the bed I was then, only dreaming about. 
This past week I gained two great-grand littles, had a white girl moment and went pumpkin crazy, took a break from school work :0 and enjoyed the coming season, then finished the week by getting a little tropical. 
The evenings are getting darker earlier, the mornings are cool and the air is filled with that yummy fall smell. I can feel the seasons changing. I can feel a change not only in the weather but also in my life. Here's to an awesome autumn and a fabulous fall!
-Being in a sorority allows you to call yourself a great-grandma at the age of 21 and it be completely normal. I couldn't love this Kappa family of mine more! (not pictured are our 7 extended family members).
-First pumpkin snack--Microwave popcorn with white chocolate chips and pumpkin pie spice. The way the white chocolate starts to melt on the hot popcorn and mixes with the pumpkin flavoring takes this late-night snack to a whole nother level. 
-Maple glazed oatmeal cookies! I love baking, specifically for friends so that they can "take a bite." Recipe post to come.
-Now for the other three pumpkin dishes--pumpkin smoothie, pumpkin spice latte, and pumpkin granola. Recipe for the smoothie is on my insta, and the granola recipe is to come. I'm actually enjoying another latte this morning in honor of National Coffee day!
-Cashew butter toast with a thinly sliced granny smith and cinnamon. You should definitely give cashew butter a try if you haven't already. 
-Can't get enough of these cutie ruffled tube socks. Monday's nights big/little pajamas haven't come off since...
-Girls night with two of my best friends at a local fav. Blue cheese chips to start on the patio at Blu.
-The cheese section=the best part of the grocery store. Especially when they have samples out. 
-Some tropical  "trade winds" blew in on Saturday.
-Sunday night's baking experiment was homemade Cheez-Its. They rock. Recipe post this afternoon for a little added pep to your Monday!