Bites of My Life

Settling into school, cooking, baking and more cooking and baking, and winding down from a long weekend. These are the current happenings of my life. 
A long weekend means a short week, but it is especially short for me because I'm ducking out early and heading back to D.C. on Thursday! You can imagine my excitement. More on that trip in next week's bites!
Life is funny, like when you get corn delivered to you from Colorado because a friend knows you "can turn it into something awesome." Life is delicious, like when you get to have a handful of your best friends to your parents house for the yummiest Labor Day feast. Lastly, life is great, like when you are finding peace in the little things and constant happiness in the recent days. 
-Corn cakes with zucchini salsa. The creation I cooked up with my Colorado corn.
-Leftovers on my back deck made reading for Women and Gender Studies much more bearable. 
-I bought a batch of zucchini for zucchini bread and the salsa on my corn cakes, but luckily had some extra for spur of the moment zucchini fries. Check back today for the recipe!
-Friday nights are for girlfriends and platters of sushi. 
-Saturdays in Norman are back, thank goodness!
-Checked CousCous Cafe off my Oklahoma restaurant list with zaalook, falafel and grape leaves.
To avoid overloading your bite intake I split up our Labor Day feast into its own big bite! It's apparent my family loves to cook and eat, but it was even better getting to cook and eat with some of my best gal pals for a little long weekend evening in OKC.
-Chips and dips being attacked by some hungry guhls.
-I give mom and dad almost all the credit for the food, but I did make the amazing brussels sprout coleslaw
-Smoked pulled pork, chicken and sausage sided with baked beans, corn casserole, tabouli, cole slaw and fruit salad. 
-Our own version of the name game. 
-Kudos to Pie Junkie for their incredible peach/blueberry and french silk pie paired with our homemade ice cream to send us into the happiest of food comas.
-Worked off our feast with a little laughing ab workout!

Life is good people.