Bites of My Life

Today marks the last week in the wonderful world that is D.C. My next bites post will take place from my bed, in Norman, because the moment I get home I head straight back to school to start recruitment. It's been an amazing summer that has gone by way too quickly, but i'll leave the sappy reminiscing for another post. 
As for last week, it felt long, but quick. It was filled with little random surprises that made for a great week!
-Dinner Monday night at Teddy and The Bully Bar (highly recommend) with Anna and a sweet Virginia based Beta Theta Kappa! We had amazing appetizers, I had the duck entree, and we finished it off with the s'mores sundae!
-I fall in love with a new Georgetown house everyday. 
-My fellow SCOUTern Caroline kills it with her shoes everyday. I've started to look forward to each work day, anticipating what she will have on!
-A surprise visit from Stacia while she was around the area on a business trip with her internship! We had the best dinner catching up at Kafe Leopold (see my review here).
-Awesome Seared Tuna Salad at El Centro.. My boss took the interns here for lunch on Friday! I was happy to absorb all of her wisdom while also getting to cross one of the restaurants off my list.
-Sister Kathleen got in Friday evening! We headed straight to Churchkey for a drink before our wonderful dinner at Birch and Barley. Churchkey is a beer bar located right above B&B! I was recommended the Bacon beer, so I ordered it and loved it. You read that right, bacon. I loved it. Kathleen, Jillian and Anna, not so much.
-The cutest engagement party being set up while we grabbed a drink before dinner. It was too cute I had to sneak a pic. 
-The amaze bread board at Birch and Barley. I didn't get many pics of the food because I dug in too quickly. B&B may be my new favorite restaurant.
-So fun taking Kat to b3dc! Obnoxious in our matching tanks, but we just had too. 
-Hippie Crack and coffee at Baked and Wired after Barre. It's called crack for a reason....
-Cava Grill for Saturday lunch. This Mediterranean style Chipotle is absolutely amazing. I got the rice bowl with half falafel, half lamb sliders, topped with pickled red onion, crazy feta, harissa, banana peppers, kalamata olives,  tomatoes and thaini vinaigrette. Paired with a raspberry ginger tea. 
-Union Market is one of my favorite weekend spots.  It just so happened DC Scoops, an ice cream event happened to be going on at the market. You could sample all kinds of ice cream for free then purchase your favorite. I may have had a slight run in with some peanut butter, but all turned out okay and I washed it down with a pistachio ice cream cone. 
-Gourmet almond butter flavors at Salt and Sundry inside Union Market. 
-The biscuits and cinnamon rolls were without a doubt the best part of Farmers Fishers Bakers brunch. See the rest of my meal via instagram. 
-A super casual Sunday dinner a la Shophouse in the dorm. The night consisted of winding down from the weekend with takeout and Mary Kate and Ashley movies before Kathleen had to leave.