Bites of My Life

Cue the tears...only two weeks left and only one weekend left in the district. That's all I'm going to say about that because I don't like to talk about it. 
Besides getting depressed of my upcoming departure date, everything is still going swimingly in D.C. This past week we had a few visitors for the weekend and had some fun nights out with new summer friends. 
-A peaceful and quiet morning at the Waterfront.
-Whole Foods Wine Wednesday is just about the greatest invention. 5 food samples paired with 5 different wines for 5 dollars every Wednesday. 
-The cutest iced sugar cookies at Dean and Deluca. So close to buying the I heart DC one.
-Snapchat courtesy of my hilarious roommate. I might have forced them along, but Truckeroo was such a fun Friday night. Truckeroo happens once a month in the summer right outside the Nats stadium. There are multiple food trucks, live music and tons of people!
-Finally tried my first crepe. Out of about 20 different food trucks to choose from I knew I had to go with Crepe Love Truck.
-SCOUTerns after hours.
-Saturday morning (afternoon) coffee. 
-Corn Beef Hash with poached eggs and hollandaise at Peacock Cafe. I personally think it resembles dog food but it was actually incredible. 
-Addicted to Flash tattoos and getting everyone around me obsessed too. 
-A little carousel horse insta photoshoot at my barre3 home away from home! #b3anywhere #b3dc 
-Been waiting all summer to try these cinnamon rolls. Brunch at Matchbox didn't disappoint. It was especially great because roomie Syd and her mom were in town for about 24 hours on their way back from Europe to Oklahoma. 
-Arugula and quinoa salad for Sunday night dinner at Circa. As promised, here is your shoutout Emily! I love have a quinoa eating roomie.