Bites of My Life

Hello whirlwind. Last week was amazing, busy, short, but long. I've officially been in D.C. for a week now. I am trying to squeeze as much as I can into the two months I'll be here, so I am warning you now there may be a lack of posts for the next few months. I am determined to at least post every Monday so you can get a big bite out of what's going on in D.C. I have a few other post ideas still, so don't think I'm writing off the blog completely!
Last week we got all moved into our dorm, or the penthouse as we like to call it. No one had work on Monday because of Memorial day so it was the perfect opportunity to explore our new city! 
I started work on Tuesday, it is amazing. I'm surrounded by the coolest people, working for the coolest company, doing something that doesn't even feel like work. 
Most nights, the roommates and I would get home, take a quick nap or relax a bit then go grab a late dinner. Over the weekend we forced ourselves to push through the tiredness to get out and check things off our summer bucket list. 
Here's to week two in D.C!

-Memorial Day celebrations in front of the National Archives building.
-Cheesy picture in front of my office while we were exploring around Georgetown. 
-Baked and Wired. After Ben & Jerry's we got cupcakes...We got them to-go to not make ourselves feel too disgusting. I got Dirty Chai!
-I love still being able to do Barre 3 in D.C. The studio is conveniently right around the corner from my office!
-Working on your birthday isn't so bad. I was surprised with a little birthday celebration and another Baked and Wired cupcake!
-Came home to flowers and champagne from the sweetest roommate! We quickly popped it to celebrate our first day of work and being 21!
-Finally the birthday celebrations came to a close. Free dessert to end the night didn't make it so bad.
-Look there's wine in there! Being 21 is fun. 
-After dinner stroll by the White House.
-My fellow intern! We both had birthdays last week so we celebrated with Godiva birthday chocolate! I told you, you were going on the blog Savannah!
-Doing like the locals do and getting our Happy Hour on. 
-Bonding over belting Elton John at our new favorite place. 
-Good Stuff Eatery. The best burger and fries hands down. Look! They even regrammed my picture. 
-First meal in the penthouse! I made shrimp tacos with strawberry salsa! Look forward to that recipe post this week!
-WWII memorial. Cliche' pic in front of our home state!
-The big man. 
-Walking the monuments is tiring and it deserves frozen yogurt afterwords. Fro.zen.yo has banana chips as a topping, so I'm sold. 
-After craving asian all week, we ended the weekend with a little sushi, fried rice and curry!
I am going to start doing more detailed D.C. posts so you can know all about what I'm doing, seeing and most importantly, eating.