Oh My Darling, Clementine

I have a new favorite website and I have to share it with you. I discovered Clementine Daily after reading Emily's Links I Love post yesterday. She had a link for 5 Skills Everyone Needs To Know. The link took me to Clementine's site and I immediately started browsing around.

Clementine Daily is a women's lifestyle site similar to The Everygirl or The Glitter Guide. What I love about Clementine is how simple and true it is. They have created a space for authentic women to come and get inspired from different leading ladies, fresh recipes, amazing photography and helpful life tips.  

Their manifesto is idilic and I think they were sitting inside my brain when they wrote it. "She loves style,  not fashion. Her best ideas come to her in the shower. She pet-sits for neighbors. Mascara makes her sneeze. She believes that table crumbs are dinner’s confetti. She’s still on the hunt for her signature scent."
Clementine provides different articles to motivate women in the topics of entertaining, style, decor, cooking and gives great advice for everyday life. 
They post amazing and delicious recipes like this spring green risotto. I also have my eye on these french lentil quinoa cakes, pistachio pesto pasta and their idea for a simple breakfast. These delicious fixes are all courtesy of their amazing food editor Julia

One of my favorite things about Clementine is how simple, but beautiful their pictures are. The site is streamlined and leaves space for the content to shine through.

I love their articles like to selfie or not to selfie, how to have better posture or 5 ways to be kind to yourself. 

They have a great group of editors and several notable contributors. Here is an interview with everyone's blogger role model and Clementine contributor Joy Cho of Oh joy!

all images via Clementine Daily
So take a few minutes and peruse around Clementine Daily. I now have it bookmarked as one of my daily reads and I know you will too after seeing what Clementine has to offer!