Bites of My Life

It's suuuummmmmerrrrrr! Well almost, I have to sit through a few more class presentations then I'm homebound this evening. It hasn't quite set in that Junior year is over. 
Last week was a successful week when it came to savoring every last day of the year. Once I got through my final tests; I had my last day at work, watched the Thunder win game 7, started packing my room in Kappa, said a few goodbyes and ended the weekend outside with some of my best friends and a big pizza while we reminisced on Junior year. 
-Loving all the goodies in my Graze Box and loving that so many of you are now ordering your own box and using my friend code (ANNIET9RP). 
-Tuesday was my last day at The Social Club. It was so sad saying bye to the best job I had over the past year. 
-A sneak peek at my cutie house for senior year. I find myself taking the long way home just so I can drive by it. 
-Only a few days left with my amazing big sis before she graduates. We've had a good run the past three years.
-Big Truck Tacos was the perfect pre-game meal before game 7.
-Greeted with more Thunder love when we walked out of the game on Saturday. Can't wait for playoffs round 2 to start tonight. 
-The before and after shots of our Sunday night pizza. With the year coming to the end I was more than willing to help clean out my friend's fridge. Olive oil, truffle oil, marinara, parmesan, feta, white cheddar, banana peppers, tomatoes, turkey pepperonis and pesto all got piled on our whole wheat crust. Basically everything but the kitchen sink.