Bites of My Life

It seems like every second of my day is filled with something. I miss having down time to just relax and watch TV or read blogs. It's down to the grind in order to get things done, and although I've been busy I love looking back and seeing all the enjoyable things from the previous week.
Last week, lots of yummy food got eaten, lots of future plans got finalized and lots of memories were made. One of my favorite restaurants opened a location in a Norman and I got to try a spot that has been on my restaurant list since it opened. I also confirmed my housing, my roommates and booked my one-way ticket because this girl is moving to WASHINGTON, D.C. FOR THE SUMMER!!!
The best part of the week was getting to celebrate my sorority's 100 years on campus. Members new and old came together and had a blast dancing, celebrating and reminiscing on Kappa memories.
-A school project with food benefits is my kind of assignment.

-Sweet potato tots are back and I finally got around to trying them! 
-Raw oysters and crawfish étouffée at my favorite Cajun restaurant that just opened a location in Norman!
-GNOs are the best kind of nights.
-A little too excited to finally try Organic Squeeze in OKC. Pineapple, banana, ginger, lemongrass, coconut milk, lime juice, spirulina, agave and cayenne made up my Spicy Thai smoothie!
-Beautiful weather on Friday made it a perfect night for some OU baseball.
-Celebrated 100 years of good ole’ Beta Theta chapter of KKG!
-Danced all night long with friends, family and alum in honor of Beta Theta’s 100th birthday.

Hoping to have a productive week then a relaxing Easter weekend at home!
p.s. tomorrow is a very special day!