Bites of My Life

The tests are now over and it is supposed to be a beautiful week! Only one week until spring break! Last week included a snow day, work, studying and getting a case of pink eye. I took a quick trip on Friday to Dallas then came home for a birthday celebration and a relaxing weekend. 
-Discovering these new Chips Ahoy flavors on the first day of Lent after giving up sweets was just rude.
-Gum isn't a sweet so I bought the new Sour Patch Stride gum to fix my sugar craving, unfortunately the flavor lasts about .5 seconds.
-I clearly had a hay day at Target, but how cute are these goodies?? All only $1 in the dollar section.
-Danced the night away celebrating two of my favorite people at 50Palooza on Saturday night.
-Spring weather has finally arrived and Sunday was the perfect day for an OU baseball game.
-The cutest postcard sent all the way from Paris representing 7 of my best friends! 
Friday I woke up super early to drive down to Dallas for another magazine trip. This is the same group I went to New York with. We met with the lovely ladies at Texas Monthly, had an amazing lunch, then turned right around to come back. My friend Margaret and I squeezed in a little extra to make the trip worth it.
-Missing our turn allowed us to end up in the EatZi's parking lot, so we made a pit stop and ran inside. I have a week spot for grocery stores and specialty markets and EatZi's is one I've always wanted to go to. We made a quick lap around the store sampling the fresh breads and different dips and spreads.
-Margaret and I in the lobby at Texas Monthly.
-After our meeting we carb loaded at Breadwinners. Before your meal you are greeted with an assortment of their yummy breads. We got a sample of the blueberry streusel, apricot cream cheese, zucchini spice and pumpkin streusel. 
-I got the pear and gorgonzola salad with half the Waldorf sandwich. There is melted brie between those two slices of bread!
The countdown to Spring Break has officially started. I'll be back in Dallas this weekend for a wedding then heading out next Thursday for a trip to Charleston with my family! 
xo annie