Bites of My Life

Hello March! I love March. It finally starts to feel like spring, it is sort of the calm month before the end of semester tests start, we get a week off of school for spring break and it means February is over. For being the shortest month, February always seems to drag on. 
A last minute snow storm decided to blow through on Saturday, continuing all day Sunday, which means no school today! I love having the day off, but I am ready for the cold to be over and only have warm days ahead. Last week was a great week, but I don't have many pictures to show for it. It wasn't very busy so I had lot's of time for pinning. I'm giving you some bites of my life and bites from my Pinterest today!
-A visit to see Kathleen at work, meant I had to bring coffee. I had heard about these so called "Hanson Milk Teas," so I finally got around to trying it. It's half black tea, half black coffee with a little skim milk and a Sweet-N-Low. 
-I love this breakfast. An almost empty almond butter jar filled with strawberries and homemade granola.
-Who knew Forever 21 had such stylish workout clothes?
-How cute is this small living space? Perfect inspiration for my little house next year.
-All dolled up for our sorority semi-formal. 
-Got to dance the night away on Saturday with my cute momma.
-Fried egg tacos with fresh pico de gallo. So simple and look so good, I will for sure be making these.
-A vintage style swim suit is number one on my spring shopping list.
I am fully rested after laying in bed all day yesterday watching Oscar footage, but because it's a snow day I think I'll keep the laziness going. I have plans to watch The Great Gatsby to support Leo even though he didn't win an Oscar. Happy snow day and happy March!
xo annie