Everyday Essentials

I love getting dressed up and playing around with different outfits, but I always have my go-to when I  don't want to put much thought into what I'm wearing. Jeans, chucks and comfy t-shirt is on regular rotation in my span of outfits. Pearl studs and my leather strap watch are also part of my everyday ensemble.
Below are all my favorite go-to pieces. Good chance you can find me wearing at least one of them everyday. 4 out of 5 are on my body as we speak...
1. Basic white t-shirt. My favorite is from Old Navy, but I'm loving this pullover from Anthropologie.
3. Comfy Jeans. Mother brand jeans are high waisted, so soft and the perfect shade of blue.
5. Leather strap watch. After my 2 year hunt for a watch I finally discovered Miró. The tan leather strap is exactly what I wanted and perfect for everyday.
Do you have a go-to outfit or those pieces you can't go a day without?
xo annie