Bites of My Life

This is the last week of February. I'm sorry what? Did I just blink and somehow it became the middle of the semester? Days are flying, but they have been filled with some really fun adventures. The winter Olympics are officially over and I now have spring fever. This week I am looking forward to the return of Scandal (squeal, I can't wait!), fun date parties this weekend and the Oscars Sunday night. Bye bye February, you've been fun.
-The greatest invention by moi! Take two Girl Scout Trefoils with some almond butter spread between the cookies to make the ultimate cookie sandwich. 
-Another coffee date. My choice was toasted almond coffee with steamed milk and one pump of almond syrup. 
-Trying on products at work. I'm about to buy this Happy Birthday headband just so I have it waiting for my birthday in three months. 
-Dinner at Taco Diner in Dallas Friday night. I had the fried avocado (YUM) and tilapia taco. 
-Headed down to Dallas on Friday for SMU KKG initiation. It was an all Kappa everything couple of days and I loved it. 
-Found some Kappa love at the Anthropologie in Highland Park Village.
-The only picture I got from the best three course brunch after initiation. We had a green salad with marcona almonds, pickled red onions and parmesan cheese shavings, followed by grilled salmon and a chocolate cup with pistachios and cherries.
-The cutest little set up for a photo shoot at my work Sunday night.
xo annie