Bites of My Life

Baby bites this week. I thought I had more pictures to show off from the week, but my camera roll was lacking a bit. 
After having Monday off for MLK it was back to the grind on Tuesday. Wednesday was full of lots of firsts. The first time I experienced a school shooting (thankfully it was just a misunderstanding and was actually machinery that backfired) and the first time I was in a halftime show. A friend and I willingly volunteered ourselves to be dunked over at an OU basketball game. It was borderline terrifying considering the guy who was dunking continually missed in the warm up.
Friday was relaxing and consisted of laying in bed with my best friend watching Captain Philips and eating a caramel sundae. Saturday was a mardi gras themed date party and reliving the days in New Orleans. Yesterday I had lunch with my mom while she was in town for a meeting and then had a Bachelor wedding/Grammy's watch party with all the gals.

-Happy hour cheese ball on our day off from school
-the BEST almond butter I have tried to date. I only bought the squeeze pack to try, but will definitely have to go back for the whole jar. My three favorite flavors in one. Vanilla, espresso and almond.
-Wednesday night's dinner. It definitely didn't photograph as well as it tasted. I used this recipe for our greek quinoa bake.
-A little Carrie inspiration for my last post and end of the week!
xo annie