Bites of My Life

It was full fledged family and holidays the past two weeks, reasoning for the absence of a "bites' post last week. This only means you are getting a jam packed bite of what has been going on in my life the past two weeks. I started my internship with Brides of Oklahoma, worked The Social Club pop-up (Which was so much fun despite the ice storm that blew in. I loved meeting other people who had the same passion for shopping local.), attended my best friends annual ornament exchange and celebrated my sorority little sis make her debut into society (she is probably hating me for mentioning this).
My oldest sis and her bf made it home for the holiday and her birthday. I cooked, baked, ate waaaaaay too much food, and enjoyed the extra time spent with family. 
-Inside the cutie Social Club pop-up.
-Baked eggs round two for sis and bf, this time with chorizo added in.
-Deb party time with my two funnest friends.
-My amazing Grandmother went to heaven last Monday. She is the strongest lady I've ever met and I'll miss her so much. Some may think with the holidays and everything it would be extra hard, but with everyone home we were able to be there for each other and reminisce on all of our favorite memories of her.
-Our usual Tucker cheese plate got spruced up when Claire brought home burnt fig jam all the way from Australia. That stuff was too yummy.
-Our christmas Eve feast consisting of crown pork roast with cranberry sauce, cheese grits, creamed corn, roasted brussels sprouts and spicy pecan pear salad. 
-THE best carrot cake with maple cream cheese frosting for Claire's 27th birthday. This recipe will now be my go to. We raved about it all week.
-A sweet friend's Christmas presents wrapped up using my DIY!
-Traditional Christmas cookies. Been making them every year since I can remember. 
-Coffee and backgammon on Christmas morning.
-A new tradition was installed this year. We had an Indian fest cooked by Claire and bf Mike. I was in Christmas curry heaven.
-All the cousins together at Christmas to celebrate our sweet G-ma.
This week will be another week of absences because tomorrow I am leaving for New Orleans to go watch OU in the Sugar Bowl. So for now, happy new year and see you in 2014!
xo annie