Bites of My Life

Honey I'm home! Finals are over and I am home for a whole month! This weekend was super relaxing. I baked and slept all Saturday (the perfect day). Last night, my two best friends came over for dinner, one of which I hadn't seen since August! It's so good to be home!
Although it is break, I am working everyday this week. I feel like I should complain, but I love my job and I'm also starting my internship today! 
Before we get started with this week, lets take a look at last week.
-Celebrating finals being over with my favorite people!
-Gingerbread sandwich cookies kicked off the holiday baking. Recipe will be posted tomorrow.
-Dad requested I make breakfast Sunday morning, so baked eggs with tomatoes and spinach were whipped up!
-Reuniting with some great friends from freshman year to celebrate sweet Shelby's 21st!
-I started Scandal three weeks ago and spent most of final's week watching Netflix to catch up in time for the fall finale on Thursday.
-Sunday night dinner. Tri-tip steak, pinto beans and warm corn salad.
I'm excited to get going with this week because oldest sis gets in town on Friday!
xo annie