Bites of My Life

I am currently suffering from post vacation depression. My trip to New York was the perfect getaway and full of unforgettable experiences. I've always been a fan of New York, but I'm more partial to wide open spaces and room to breath. New York in the past has felt crowded, dirty and stressful. After my trip I have a whole new outlook on the city and I'm craving more!
The trip was hosted by a club I'm involved with called "Magazine Interest Group." We have bi-weekly meetings to discuss resumes, cover letters, internships, the magazine industry itself and what it takes to have a career working for a magazine. We had appointments on Thursday and Friday with some very well known magazines based in New York. We met with six different magazines where we went on tours of their offices, learned how the magazine runs and did a Q&A with some of their editors.
My camera roll is stocked full of pictures so let's get going so I can give you some bites from the trip!

{Bites of New York}
-Before we were NYC bound, a friend and I drove to Dallas to fly out of DFW. We made an "adventurous" stop while heading down I-35 at Rumpy's German Bakery. I have passed it a million times but never stopped. It was pouring rain but my friend and I were in need of a treat so we took about a 15 minute detour to turn around and go back for a pumpkin bar and kolache. The bakery is strangely enough connected to a gas station, but next time you pass it I urge you to stop!
-A friend on the trip snapped this picture out her window as we were coming in on the city.
-The street style in New York is non like anywhere else. I didn't get any good pictures because I was trying to seem relatively un-creepy as I was staring random people up and down examining their amazing outfits. These two chic girls were the best I could do. Fur, leather jackets, skinny dark pants and booties were spotted on most street corners.
-We did some window shopping on the first day at Bergdorfs. It was strictly look don't touch in the high class department store. I had to snap a pick of most fashion bloggers favorite Valentino studded heels. Often seen on Rachel
Now for my favorite foodie pictures.
{Food Bites}
-We were starving by the time we got in on Wednesday so before we even got into our hotel room, a big group of us from the trip made a stop at Sarabeth's in Central Park for a late lunch. They serve breakfast until 3:30 p.m. so we all went the breakfast route. I got the "Goldie Lox"-scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, cream cheese and a pumpkin muffin on the side.
-I'm on a kale kick right now. I had this kale salad Wednesday night at Gruppo in the East Village. It was topped with harvati cheese, currants, pumpkin seeds and a spicy soy dressing.
-Thursday night I finally got to see my biggest sis! We ate Uncle Boon's and enjoyed our crazy asian meal while sitting next to Kelly Ripa. Yes, you heard me, Kelly Ripa and her husband sat right next to us. They took kissy face selfies, it was great. We got the banana blossom salad, grilled octopus (pictured), chicken livers, golden chicken curry (pictured) and crab fried rice.
-Friday night all 17 of us on the trip ate a huge group dinner at Dos Camino's in Meatpacking. We celebrated our meetings being over and scarfed down table side guacamole and this amazing grilled salmon with a black bean and corn salsa and avocado-pumpkin sauce.
-Saturday we had the whole day off, so we did like the New Yorkers do and made plans for brunch. A few of us headed straight to Chelsea Market for food and shopping. We ate at Friedman's Lunch and I got the "Nova Benny." It was a potato pancake with smoked salmon, poached eggs and hollandise. It was amaze.
Food not pictured includes tiramasu gelato in soho, truffle mac and cheese from the Cafeteria and $1 pizza every night.
{Magazine Bites}
Now for some pictures that show off the highlight of the trip and some of the offices we saw. We went to Departures, Real Simple, Brides, Lucky, Harper's Bazaar and Sports Illustrated
-Old issues of  Time Inc. owned magazine covers were framed and on display in their waiting room.
-The group at Departures drooling over the gorgeous Dior dresses and Chanel jewelry they had borrowed for a shoot later that week.
-The lobby outside of Brides in the Conde' Nast building.
-Outside Real Simple in the Time Inc. building.
-Inside Real Simple's conference room getting first hand advice from some of their food and home editors as well as PR and editorial assistants.
-The Sports Illustrated lobby at Time Inc.
-Another lobby in Conde' Nast. Lucky was my personal favorite. It probably had to do a lot with the walk through their fashion closet and a surprise visit from their new Editor in Chief, Eva Chen herself. She is fabulous, inviting, normal and had amazing advice.
-Lastly, the big glass doors entering into Bazaar.
{More New York Bites}
-I was the happiest girl to be reunited with Milk Bar in the flesh. I had the seasonal flavor of frozen yogurt. Rosemary salted caramel with crunch topping!
-My foodie friend snapped this artsy pic outside Milk Bar, it is now the background on my phone...I'm not obsessed or anything.
-While waiting for our table at brunch on Saturday we strolled through Chelsea Market and stumble upon the most amazing Rachel Zoe sample sale. Everything was 70%, we did some damage.
-A slightly touristy picture, but I love how it captures the taxi's zooming by and the Empire State building in the background.
{Bites from dinner #2 with my sister}
Saturday night I took the subway to Williamsburg for a home cooked meal courtesy of my sister and her boyfriend. 
-First up was crostini #1-procuito and fresh figs drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
-Crostini #2 was ricotta and spicy peppers.
-The salad course was a bed of greens tossed in a lemony dressing with capers, tuna, kalamata olives and a soft boiled egg.
-The main course in all it's glory was the tastiest truffle pasta with lots of butter, parmesan cheese and fresh truffles sliced and grated over the top.
-Not pictured was our vanilla bean ice cream and espresso for a "sweet" ending to the night.
No Anna Winotur sitings or any of my favorite New York bloggers, but all in all I had the best time these last five days. I'm feeling inspired and refreshed after hearing some great words of wisdom and having some time away from home. Who knows what is to come, but right now New York has my heart. Here's to hoping I get to go back soon!
xo annie