Beanie Baby

My friends from my New York trip are about to make fun of me for this post. I discovered a love for beanies while in New York. People there throw them on with anything to make there beanie fashionable. Even the most boyish beanie suddenly looks chic when paired with leather leggings, an oversized chunky sweater and booties.
I was a little ahead of the game and bought one a few months ago and finally broke it out while we were shopping around Soho on Saturday. I then proceeded to buy two more. The beanie didn't leave my head for the next 24 hours. A huge cold front blew in this morning so you can bet I am wearing my beanie today.
I'm not crazy to have a love for beanies, they are showing up everywhere.

images via pinterest
Here are some of my favorites and recent purchases.
I bought 1. and 5. (in gray) in New York and brought 4. with me! What's your opinion on beanies? Do you love them as much as me?
xo annie