Bites of My Life

Another week went by, but no pictures to prove it unfortunately. I sat down to write this post, checked my camera roll and it was empty from this past week. 
Here's quick recap minus the pictures--
I saw "The Butler" late Tuesday night and it was incredible! Apparently no one else had the same idea because we had the theater to ourselves, but that was no sign for how good the movie was. 
Nashville returned, and now I'm anxiously awaiting this week's episode. My sorority had our first date party of the semester. The night was too fun and was a great start to the weekend. We then spent Saturday watching OU beat Notre Dame!
I ended the weekend by making breakfast for dinner for a good friend and I. We made scrambled eggs with canadian bacon, tomatoes, green peppers, and feta. We are already planning on making this for our next breakfast for dinner!
Now for some bites I've found from across the web this past week...
-How cozy does this outdoor space look? I would die to curl up with a cup of coffee under one of those buffalo check blankets.
-We have been getting a little taste of cooler temps in Oklahoma. I am more than ready to pull out the fur vests and pom pom hats!
-I constantly daydream about how I want to decorate my bedroom in my house next year. I have been loving the idea of a gallery wall mixed with faux animal heads. Here is a great resource.
-All the pumpkin recipes floating around have me already mentally planning out what I want to make for Thanksgiving. For some strange and unknown reason I have become the only person in my family to eat the pumpkin pie anymore. This pumpkin galette may be an alternative I can get the rest of my family to try with me! 

I'll try to do better with taking more pictures this week!
xo annie