No Plain Jane

all images via Sea of Shoes

Meet Jane Aldridge. Jane is the author of Sea of Shoes, has incredible style, a killer shoe collection and was the first blog I ever read. She started Sea of Shoes back in 2007 as a hobby and it has now grown into so much more. My sister showed me her blog back when I was probably a freshman or sophomore in high school. I spent about two hours reading through all of her archives, then proceeded to read it every day. I must admit it has been a while since I checked her blog, but when I saw a tweet the other day about her apartment tour being on Teen Vogue I was intrigued.
Jane is now 21, living in Dallas, working on fashion deals and recently moved into her own apartment.  Teen Vogue did a feature on her eclectic styled apartment. Jane's style is definitely more funky and indie than my style, but she pulls it off. Her house has lots of rich jewel tones, unique furniture and paintings etc. Her home style is very similar to her clothing style. She does interesting pairings of patterns and textures, but for some reason it works. 
this is the perfect example of Jane's eclectic mix of texture, colors and pattern.

You can view the whole apartment tour on Teen Vogue or part of it on Sea of Shoes.

Oh and did I mention her mom is equally as fashionable. Her blog is fabulous too. This mom daughter duo has it going on.
xo annie