DIY to-go Mason Jar

I love drinking out of mason jars. The other morning I switched up my usual hot cup of joe with some iced coffee, complete with coffee ice cubes I froze the day before. 

By creating a hole for a straw to go through in the lid of a mason jar, it makes for a perfect to-go cup! So efficient and easy to transport without any spillage.

This DIY is so easy. I literally put it together the other morning, right before I had to leave for work.

What you need:

  • mason jar
  • lid
  • hammer
  • philips screwdriver
  • straw

What to do:

1. Center the screw driver on the lid and hammer to create a hole.

2. Wiggle the screw driver around until you've made a hole big enough for your straw.

3. Hammer the edges down so around the hole is smooth.

4. Stick your straw through and screw on the lid! And there ya go, a to-go mason jar!

I'm sad to say I'm going to take about a two week hiatus from the blog. I start prep for sorority recruitment this weekend and I'm about to be busy busy. There might be a random post here and there, but I'll be back soon with a huge "bites of my life" post to catch up for lost time!