Bites of My Life

First off, take a bite now has its own domain! No more blogspot attached to my blog address. I'm now official at!
Secondly, this weekend wrapped up my last weekend of summer. I move back into my sorority house on Friday to start prep for recruitment. Goodbye to one of my best summers. It seems crazy that summer is coming to an end, but I can't wait for all of my friends to be back in town! 
I actually don't have any pictures from last week except for food pictures, naturally. Enjoy my foodgrams and some of my favorite pins from last week!

{Food Bites}
 -Quinoa cakes for an easy weeknight dinner last week! So easy and made on the panini press. Served on a spinach salad and topped with the best yogurt sauce (so good we licked the bowl clean).
-Got my thai food fix Friday night. I could eat curry every day.
-My favorite snack. Apples and almond butter.
-Made the PW's watermelon pico de gallo last week for my parents as an appetizer before our black bean and corn quinoa tacos. I halved the recipe since there were only three of us yet we still ate every last bite. This stuff is addicting to say the least. The tacos were just as good. My dad admitted he was skeptical, but ended up going back for seconds! 
{Pinterest Bites}
-I'm having a major denim and converse moment right now and my pinterest is showing it. I love how these outfits are all as equally chic as they are comfy. 
-Using these pictures as inspiration and wearing my jean vest and monogram converse today.
-All images via my "fashionista" Pinterest board
here's to the last week of summer!
xo annie