Bites of My Life

I can't believe it is June. May was really great month, now let's hope June lives up to it. After a birthday celebration with my family (that was somewhat of a fail; not my family, but the food), I was busy at my internship and continually staying safe from more storms that moved in this week. This past week was kind of birthday week. Between mine, my grandmother's, and today being Sarah Beth's, the celebrations just keep going!
This weekend was incredible. A bunch of out of town friends were here and staying with us. I think at one point there were 10 girls staying at our little loft. We had a great weekend catching up, having a 
b-day celebration for Sarah Beth, and just laying around having girl time! After having an apartment full of people all weekend it is feeling pretty lonely around here. 
-crafty birthday wrapping
-new beaded hair ties, that can be found on my wrist more than my hair
-my beautiful grandmother on her 80th birthday
-6 a.m. barre3. dedication.
-put a monogram on it and I'll love it
-delicious warm olive appetizer at my birthday dinner. the one good part of the meal. 
xo annie