I'm pretty proud of myself for everything I've accomplished on my summer to-do list so far. A few nights ago I had nothing going on and embarrassingly found myself watching High School Music 2. I realized very quickly I needed to find something better to do. It was about 10 o'clock and it seemed like the perfect time to paint a canvas...anything besides watching HSM2. Okay so maybe I left it playing in the background. Anyway, I whipped it this abstract out in about 15 minutes and I'm pretty happy with the outcome!

You can see in the pictures below how I squirted a little bit of paint in random places on the canvas, then with my brush just spread it around to mix and give it texture. I used navy, light blue, orange, pink and light pink as the main colors. I then added a little bit of white and gold over the top, and with a paper towel gave it a sponge affect.

I've been working on a little gallery wall in my bedroom across from my bed. I already put up a couple prints I had, but I think the canvas is the perfect addition. My room, and the prints are all very light, so this creates a good focal point.

Trust me when I say anyone can paint an abstract like this. It was super and easy and you can't really mess it up.

Now I just a few more things to check off my to-do list!