It's The Weekend!

A simple white tee is the perfect weekend uniform.
image via A Piece of Toast

Well, we made it. We got through this crazy week.

During the week (and honestly the weekend too) I'm embarrassed by how attached I am to my laptop, ipad, and phone. I'm constantly reading blogs, on Pinterest, or catching up on social media. I try to make a conscious effort to unplug, but it's usually just a good thought that doesn't actually get executed.

Today I am giving you the results of my addiction. A collection of all my favorite things I've found on the internet this week. Below are some links to distract you this weekend. Don't get too distracted though. I still want you to enjoy the days off and maybe indulge in a big weekend brunch!

This weekend I'll be taking a trip to the jungle (kind of), attending a wedding shower for a my sister's best friend (I love wedding festivities), and finishing up a group project (ugh). Only three weeks until school is out!

{Favorites from the week}

The To & From spring gift guide came out on Wednesday. The guide gives ideas for graduation, weddings, birthdays, mother's day and father's day gifts.
Matchbook Mag put together a collection of old J.Crew catalog covers. February 2012 will always be my favorite.
A few recipes on my baking to do list. Grapefruits and blood oranges are becoming my favorite fruits this season.
Nashville is my new TV show obsession. Lennon & Maisy's version of Ho Hey is amazing.
If you're from around here, playoffs start Sunday.

xo annie